All day long in Naples: “a’ fin ro’ munn”

Naples is exactly what you think it is: noisy, dirty, busy. And addictive, too. The trick is to live the city in the right way, to not focus on its imperfections (you can see them, let us not fool ourselves!) and on the other hand to let fascinate by the chaotic atmosphere, by the cheerfulness, by the colors and by the scents. Yes, you must live as the Neapolitans do: they love their city despite all and describe it always and still, “a’ fin ro’ munn” (something like “it’s out of this world”).

If you spend a day in Naples, the rule is simple: drink as many coffees as you can. Because – trust us – you can’t get any better around the world. We suggest you to try many different coffees (possibly with some typical sweet) in many different cafes, in a sort of coffee-tour. The first one you must try at Scaturchio, historical bar in San Domenico Maggiore Square, and you have to enjoy it with a Ministeriale, a dark chocolate medallion filled with liquor cream that you can eat here or nowhere. A few steps away you’ll find the San Severo Chapel, one of the most famous monument due to the impressive “Cristo Velato” statue. From here, go on to the so called Spaccanapoli (Naples splitter is a straight line that literally cut in two the city being the union of seven different streets), cross the little Nilo Square and forward to Duomo Street to reach the most important church of Naples: San Gennaro. Before to get in have a coffee at A’ figlia D’O’ Cafettiere with the unmissable sfogliatella. Back to the Dome: a blaze of gold and silver, money in baskets, magnificent paintings and frescoes.

From the Dome, take the tube to Amedeo Square, than walk to Seaside Caracciolo crossing not very weel groomed gardens to reache the Pizzeria Sorbillo, where you’ll find one of the most delicious pizza of the city. Try to get a table outside, with a remarkable view on Castel dell’Ovo and Posillipo. Don’t miss the Margherita pizza, blessed by Francis the Pope himself on 21 of march, 2015. You’ll be full and happy when you’ll go on visiting Castel dell’Ovo, massive building with high walls dropping into the sea; if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see newlyweds during a photo session on the bridge which leads to the main entrance. And it is a kind of spectacle, too. The visit of the castle is free of charge and the view on Naples from the ramparts is unique: Mount Vesuvius, Beverello Quay, the peeling red paint Bixio Barraks, the Nunziatella Military School, Sant’Elmo Castle, down to Posillipo… You can see everything. If you have time continue to move in the sea direction to the next fortress, the Maschio Angioino, facing the harbor.

Now it’s the time of Plebiscito Square (passing through San Carlo Street and glancing at the famous theatre) and of Toledo Street (the shopping one): have a coffee at Caffè del Professore (the real one, not the copy on the other side of the road). Then try to climb up to Castel Sant’Elmo: you’ll find the cable railway half way along Toledo Street. Never ending ascent but a great view on Naples, too. Back again to Toledo Street, leaving Plebiscito Square behind, to reach Dante Square and the bookshop street: Port’Alba. Yes, in Naples you have to be a good walker!

La pizza di Sorbillo


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